How to Take Product or Menu Photos from your Phone Like a Pro

Are your offer photos feeling a little boring? Having a good photo in your offers is crucial for several reasons – photos get more views on Facebook, make your offers really pop on smartphones, and just look more visually appealing. Smartphone cameras have come a long way, so with these 7 easy steps, even a novice can take professional-looking photos to make your offers shine!

Pick your photo subject

What to capture? If you are a restaurant or café, show off your signature dish. For retailers, choose a popular product. For service-providers, try a close up “action shot” of you or an employee at work. Whichever you choose, pick something relevant.

Lose the flash

Having good lighting is key to showcasing your food, product or service. A dim-looking photo will reflect poorly on your offer, so try taking the shot in the natural daylight of a window or a well-lit room – even a lamp will do in a pinch. Avoid using your camera’s flash, as the resulting “wash-out” effect will make your photo look harsh and glaring.

Get up close and personal

Compared to standalone cameras with longer lenses, your tiny smartphone camera allows you to get a clear, close up shot of your subject fully in focus and with little effort. Frame your photo so that the object of interest is centered and fills up most of the shot, without unnecessary distractions in the background.

 Skip the zoom

Most smartphone cameras today are just fine for normal photos but can not actually zoom – they just guess what is there, making for a pixelated, blurry mess. Instead, crop the shot later to a small square, or else it will be stretched to fit the square image box when you upload it to your Fanminder offer.

 Steady as a rock

One of the biggest drawbacks of taking photos with your mobile phone is its sensitivity to movement – nothing spoils a photo like the blurred “ghosting” effect that occurs from an unsteady camera. Try sitting down or leaning over with your elbows propped on something to support your hands for a nice, steady shot.

Avoid filtering photos

Image-editing smartphone apps like Instagram are great for sharing your personal work, but the retro filters they use – while neat to look at – make for unprofessional-looking photos. Follow the above steps and your photo will look awesome without the need for special effects.

Keep the file under 3Mb

Make sure the image file is a Fanminder-accepted file format – PNG, JPG, BMP, or GIF. If it is larger than 3Mb, you will need to resize it. For PC users, right-click the image, select “Resize Pictures”, click “Mobile Device”, select “OK”, to create a smaller copy. For Mac users, open the image with Preview, select “Tools”, then “Adjust Size”. Resize the photo until resulting size is under 3MB, and click “OK”.


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