Troubleshooting Text2Join - Customers Can't Join My 'Mobile List'?

If your customer successfully texted your nickname (keyword) to the right phone # (244326) and received back "We don't recognize this nickname":

  • They are spelling your nickname incorrectly. It's possible their spellchecker changed your nickname without them seeing it before they clicked 'send'. Ask them to verify the spelling and try it again. 
  • Note: Your nickname should be simple, with few words, and something easily associated with your business name or industry. The more difficult it is to spell via text, the greater the chances for error by customers. If you would like to change your nickname for this reason, email or click the "Ask Us" tab to the right of your screen.


If the fan texted your nickname to 244326 and never received a response back:

  • They may have sent the nickname via text message to a number other than 244326. Ask them to try sending your nickname to this number again.
  • If they addressed the text message to the right # above and still don't get a response, their carrier may be blocking inbound texts from commercial short codes such as 244326 to their phone. Ask them to please check with your carrier. I know that calling their carrier seems like a pain in the butt and it is, but this is the only way to get the block on Groovv Offer's short code 244326 removed from their account.

*Note to Sprint customers: If you're getting no response from Text2Join, try texting allow 244326 to Sprint's short code 9999. You should get an auto-reply saying "Text messages from (and to) '244326' are now allowed". Then, try to Text2Join again.


Why do some regional and / or prepaid mobile carriers block short codes?

The vase majority of your customers will receive your text messages and be able to Text2Join!

However, because prepaid phones rely on the prepayment of fees to create a usable bank of text message credits,they (along with some regional mobile carriers) often have the following issues:

Ask your customer: "Do you have a prepaid plan or prepaid phone?" if yes...

  • Limits placed by the carrier on receiving or making inbound/outbound texts
  • Outright blocks by certain carriers (such as Wal-mart's Tracfone) on receiving text messages from commercial short codes like ours
  • Lack of credits in the consumer's account to pay for text messages and so texts don't get through