What is a Mobile Nickname, or Keyword?

A nickname, also called a keyword, is the short word that identifies your business in our system and is used by your customers to join your Mobile Customers List.

For example, with our Text2Join feature, customers text your unique nickname (e.g., joespizza) to 244326 and automatically receive a text reply asking them to confirm opt-in, followed by a second text containing your Welcome Message.

In addition to Text2Join, your customers can also join your Mobile List with your Online Sign Up Form. The best way to get customers to Text2Join or sign up online is with an enticing Welcome Offer.

To view numbers in your Mobile Customers List:

  1. Sign in to Groovv Offers.
  2. Click the Customers tab.
  3. Click the Mobile Customers tab. 
To choose or edit your Text2Join Nickname:
  1. Sign into Groovv Offers.
  2. Click the Grow Lists tab.
  3. To the right of to Text2Join, click the > Manage link.
  4. Type in your desired new Nickname and click Check Availability. If available, click Next to update your Nickname.
Tips for choosing a good nickname: Your nickname must be between 4 and 15 characters, have no spaces, and be letters and numbers only (no special characters). Try to keep your nickname simple, with as few words as possible, and use something unique to your business so that customers can easily remember it.
Tips for promoting your Text2Join nickname and Mobile Customers List: You should have received a signage kit with your terminal shipment. Write your new nickname on table tent or counter sign and then place it in a prominent location (like your counter space) to encourage customers to opt in.
Also train your staff to mention Text2Join during checkout, i.e. "If you join our Mobile List by texting joespizza to 244326, you will get free breadsticks with your pizza!"