What is a Social OfferBot?

What is Social OfferBot?

Social OfferBot is a handy tool that helps save you time by automating your recurring offers and specials to Facebook or Twitter. Rather than manually logging into Facebook and Twitter each time you want to promote a recurring special, or cloning the same offer again and again from your Fanminder account, you just "set-n-forget" a Social OfferBot, and it does the work for you!

How to schedule a Social OfferBot:

  1. Click the Offers tab and click the Create Social OfferBot button.
  2. From the "Two Ways to Increase Your Sales" pop-up, click the Create Social OfferBot button.
  3. Choose an offer type and click the Pick this offer button
  4. On the Design page, enter a Title, Details, and Photo until you get to the Include Expiration Date section. Select how many days after publishing you want your recurring offer to expire.
  5. Complete the rest of your offer as you would a regular offer, then click the Save & Next button.
  6. On the Publish page, select the Facebook wall(s) and/or Twitter account on which to create your OfferBot.
  7. At the OfferBot Recurring Post Schedule box, select Weekly or Monthly. If weekly, select a weekly frequency, days to post, and a time. If monthly, select which day of the month you wish to schedule your OfferBot and a time.
  8. On the last step, you can designate a Start Date and End Date, or check No end date. Then click the Start Offerbot, and you're all set!

Social OfferBots are great for:

  • Automatically reminding customers about your recurring events or specials, like Thursday Wing Night, Saturday Pet Adoptions, or Happy Hour.
  • Recurring a popular offer to fill in known slow times, such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Mondays.
  • Getting other messages regularly in front of your Facebook and Twitter fans, like promoting gift cards.