What kind of offer should I create?

We allow you to pick from 8 different types of offers. We give you these offers so you don't have to wrack your brain thinking of what to send. Our offers differ in the badge.

  1. Coupon: Give a discount - dollar or percent off.
  2. SpecialPromote daily or weekly specials - Monday special, lunch special, etc.
  3. FreebieGive away something free.
  4. NewsCreate urgency with special notifications, or alert customers to new products or services.
  5. SaleCreate excitement for an upcoming sale.
  6. GiftGive money towards a purchase.
  7. EventBuild buzz for your events.
  8. Bring a FriendGive a deal for bringing friends - for example, Buy-1-Get-1.

Groovv Offers also provides hundreds of expertly-crafted headlines and dozens of themes so you don’t have to guess what to send or use a marketer or graphic designer.

Please provide feedback if you want something we don't have.