Why Use Groovv Offers?

Five Great Reasons Why:

  1. Your business can generate 8% or more in additional sales per month.
  2. It’s much more cost-effective to market to your existing customers than to advertise to get new customers.
  3. Groovv Offers helps you give your customers the #1 thing they want – money-saving opportunities from you.
  4. Groovv Offers is Very Simple to start and use, with professionally-crafted templates that take the guesswork out of what marketing to send your customers.
  5. Because 87% of American adults have mobile phones, and 56% of Americans check Facebook daily!

Groovv Offers helps merchants increase sales by making it easy to create, send and track offers to their customers on their own.

  • Easily announce holiday sales, promote gift ideas or remind people of regular weekly specials.
  • If you’re having a slow day, quickly create an offer to drive traffic and sales.
  • Use Groovv Offers to attract new customers when fans share your offers with their friends.
  • Alert customers to new menu items or products so you sell more to each customer.