Active Alert Page - Capture Transactions

To cpature an open credit card authorization alert follow the simple steps outlined below.
When met with the Active ALert of there are X open CC trans. found:
1. Press the Red Active Alert Button or the Red Error Message atop the Receipt Window
If pressing the error message, press the line item on the System Alert Screen
2. You will be redirected to a screen displaying all open Credit Card Authorizations
3. From the below screen, enter the desired tip amounts to add to the ticket(s)
* Be sure to enter the amount exactly as you would like it to be charged by placing the period as desired. Period is not accounted for unless typed in manually. 
4. After entering the tip amount, press the Submit button
This processes the entered tip amount
5. Press the Close button when all tips have been processed.
* Pressing the Close Button will not lead to all open transactions being finalized with a zero tip amount. Pressing Close simply removes the alert until the refresh rate of the alert page brings up the open transactions along with other, which have not been finalized, if applicable. Same applies to pressing the button from the System Alert Page.