Verify Transaction Authorizations

Use this page to verify several transaction approvals and declines for any date range at a glance, from any previous day.
Transaction Authorizations are displayed when you:
  1. Select Processing Data
  2. Select Authorization Log
  3. Enter a Date Range
  4. Select Search
Some of the details provided include date, transactions date, transaction time, card type, card #, card expiration date, authorization #, authorization amount, transaction amount.
Common Declines Reason Codes (Displayed in Column ‘RC’ in the image above):
01 – Have Cardholder Call Card Issuer for reason
03 – Call for Voice Authorization
04 – Reported lost or stolen; pick up card if physically available
05 – Do Not Honor
12 – Invalid Transaction
13 – Card Amount Invalid
14 – Card Number Invalid
15 – No Such Issuer
51 – Have Cardholder Call Card Issuer for reason
54 – Card Expired
62 – Restricted SIC Code
78 – No Account
Users may also utilize this report to verify the Authorization Code for sales or duplicates.
*Note: Voice Authorization will NOT appear in reports.