Static IP - Setup

Groovv Storefront
Groovv Restaurant
Configuration of Router
  1. You will need the open IP range from the ISP of the merchants
    1. Advise merchant to Email ISP to obtain if unknown
DNS Server Address (es)
DNS 1:
DNS 2:
Static IP block (usually 5 IPs)
  1. Ask merchant, which of there block of Static IPs are occupied
    1. Use what is available
    2. To test availability see troubleshooting
  2. On CPU, connect to Conn3ct Network
  3. Using browser log into router admin portal,
    1. Log into router (Gr(serial number of router [attempt w/o capital if capitals do not work]))
    2. Default router admin login: no user name – password is “admin” (all lower case)
  4. Select Setup” tab Basic Setup sub tab page (Should default to this page)
    1. Change Internet Setup drop down arrow from Automatic Configuration – DHCP to Static IP
    2. Enter information from ISP
      1. First – Last (based on availability)
      2. Subnet Mask
      3. Default Gateway
      4. DNS Options, enter all three (3) options, if not given see troubleshooting
    3. Network Setup Section, Enter Conn3ct network settings
      1. IP address (
      2. Subnet Mask:
      3. Router Name: Conn3ct
  1. Do not edit any other fields
  2. Click save settings
  1. Basic Setup – Advanced Routing
    1. Ensure NAT option is enabled
    2. If not select and save
*Printer and Tablet will work as pre-configured.