Static IP - Troubleshooting

  1. Test Static IP availability
    1. Hard wire Ethernet cord from modem/wall to CPU
  1. Test IP availability, if unknown by merchant
    1. Open Network and Sharing Center
    2. Select Change Adapter Settings
    3. Right click Local Area Connection (hardwire)
    4. Select Properties
    5. Select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
    6. Select Properties
    7. Select Use the following IP address and enter information from ISP
    8. Select Use the following DNS server addressed and enter information form ISP
  1. Select OK
  2. Test Internet
  3. Success reset IPv4 to Obtain…
  4. If unsuccessful attempt next IP in block
  5. Move to live internet (Ethernet connection between modem/wall and router)
  1. Use the following DNS server addresses in order if unlisted from ISP