From this page (shown below), you will be able to create, view and edit your clerks/servers.
Clerks are used in the Retail instance of Groovv Register.
Servers are used in the Restaurant instance of Groovv Register.
Already created servers are listed in a table on the middle side of the screen. On the right, there is an option labeled New Server. This option will be used to create a new server. In the table, there are four (4) columns. These columns are listed and defined below.
ID: Shows the auto-assigned number for the server.
Name: Shows the clerk's name.
Allowed: Shows which allowed functions the server has. Allowed Functions definitions are displayed while creating, editing or inactivating a server. 
Active: Shows whether or not the server has the ability to login to the Groovv Register application. Servers can not be deleted.
The Groovv Register app can also force a Server to be logged in order to begin a sale. In the System Data tab, by selecting the check box next to “Require Server Login” servers will be forced to enter their pin before starting a transaction or seating a table. We recommend using “Automatically Log Off at End of Transaction” in concurrence with “Require Server Login” to ensure accurate server specific reporting. “Automatically Log Off at End of Transaction” cannot be used without “Require Server Login.”
The Log on Page for Servers can also be personalized for your business with a company logo or photo, by inputting an image URL into the “Log on Page Image” field (shown below) found in System Data of Maintenance tab. We recommend using Flickr or Image Shack to store your image.