Business - Tables

From this page (shown below), you will be able to create, view and edit your restaurant's tables.
To get to Tables:
1. Log into your Back Office
2. Click on Business from the top navigation tabs 
3. Select Tables from the Business Menu
Tables that you've created are displayed by name along with the number of guest it seats, and it’s current status.
Table Name: This column shows the tables name as given by the creator.
Covers: This numeric values shows the number of guests suggested at the selected table.
Status: This column shows the current status of the table. There are four (4) options for a table:
            Deleted. (Images show the in application correspondence to Back Office table status)
The Groovv Register app can also force a table to be selected in order to begin a sale. In the System Data tab, by selecting the check box next to Require Table to Start Transaction servers will be forced to seat a table before starting a transaction.
It is recommended to use Require Seat Selection for each item added to a ticket as a feature that is useful for restaurants who are frequently asked to split checks by guest.
*Note: If this feature is turned ON for a table, you will never be prompted to Select a Seat # when adding items.
Click here to enable Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Mode.