Once you are ready to seat guests simply select the Tables icon. You will then be directed to the Tables Select directory where you can select, apply guest name, comment on and state the number of guests for the specified table (as shown below.) After selecting a table a blue circle will appear to display your selection and many fields become editable.
Once a table is selected, the server is able to input many editable (optional dependent upon your back office set up) fields.
Guest Name: This feature allows you to identify tables by assigned bus boy, reservation party, important guests (etc.) By default you are not required to enter a Guest Name. Although, this section feeds off of your back office selection for Table Options. 
Comments: If desired, you can enter comments about the table to remember important facts or asks from the guests of the table.
Guests: This feature allows you to recall how many guests are seated at the table while at the register. By default this is not a required action unless Require Seat Selection is selected in the back office. If more than eleven (11) guests are need select the + sign and a pop up will allow you to enter the needed amount of guests for the table.
After the necessary information has been entered into the Table Select screen select  to be taken to your home page and you can begin entering items for the table.
Once items have been added to the table’s ticket and you are ready to move to the next table select http://i.imgur.com/W1PnTGv.jpg
This will maintain the table’s items and allow you to help other guests. When the table is ready to order more items return to the tables screen, select the now green table and select the “Order” option. Repeat process as necessary until table is ready for the check.
When the table is ready for the check, return to the designated table and select the  icon. After selecting the Tickets icon you are met with three (3) split tender options at the top of the Split Tickets screen.
Split options: 
Split by Guest: Splits the ticket by the specified guests. This option is only applicable if “Require Seat Selection” is enabled in the back office, otherwise all items will appear on one ticket.
Split by Selection: Splits the ticket by selecting and moving specific items from one ticket to another. To complete this action select the desired item to be moved then select the top grey section of the other ticket(s.) You can add or subtract tickets from this split option by selecting the  symbols as necessary.
Split Even: Splits the ticket evenly across all items by dividing the “Total Due” by the number of desired tickets. You can add or subtract tickets from this split option by selecting the symbols as necessary.
Notes on Splits:
  • Splitting tickets should be performed when you're ready to accept a payment. 
  • When performing an ‘Even Split’, you will only be able to print one combined order receipt.
  • The Split by Guest feature is an option that must be enabled.
At the bottom of the screen you will notice four (4) quick select options.
Save: Allows you to save the tickets after being split. Please note the Save option will appear greyed out until ticket splits have been put into place.
Order: This feature will allow to return to the table’s ticket(s) and you can begin adding more items to the selected table.
Print: Allows you to print the ticket(s) to be brought to the table. A ticket can only be printed and brought to the table from the Ticket Split screen.
Pay: After bringing the ticket(s) to the table select this option to finalize payment.