How Groovv Offers Works

How does Groovv Offers Get YOUR Promotions into Customers Pockets?

By doing the following:

1) First, create an offer. We take the guesswork out of what marketing to send with professionally-crafted offer templates, hundreds of headlines, and dozens of stunning themes.

2) Then with the click of a button, Groovv Offers lets you share your offer with customers in 5 different ways:

Example Email to Customer:

Example Text Sent to Customer:                                                                         

Example Facebook Offer Post:                                              

Example Twitter Offer Post:                                            

Examples of Offers When Directly Hosted on Your Website:


3) When a customer sees your offer and clicks it, they are taken to your offer's web page:

4) The customer enters their mobile number and "grabs" your offer to their phone:

5) Groovv Offers then texts the offer to your customer's mobile phone. If they have not already done so, they are prompted to join your Mobile List  for future offers:

6) When the customer clicks the link embedded in the text message link to present in store and redeem. (*Groovv Offers automatically resizes your offer for optimal viewing on mobile phones):

*Note: If your customers see your offer using their smartphone on Facebook, Twitter, or email, they will not have to "grab" the offer to their phones. Groovv Offers will recognize they are using a mobile device and resize the offer automatically for optimal mobile viewing.

7) The next time the customer visits your business, they present their mobile offer on their phone when making their purchase. Then, they hit the redeem button and present the "Congrats" page to you or your staff for validation (i.e., the offer has not expired or already been redeemed):

8) Groovv Offer's real-time dashboard even shows you how each of your offers are performing so you can see your marketing payoff: