Creating Your First Groovv Offer

Now that you have signed into Groovv Offers and either added A) Mobile Customers, B) Email Customers, or C) connected Groovv Offers to your Facebook or Twitter page, you are ready to create your first offer (you can also connect to Facebook or Twitter in the final step before publishing).

1. From the Groovv Offers' home screen (the Offers tab), click Create an Offer button.

2. Choose an Offer Type. There are 8 different offer types available: Coupon, Special, Freebie, News, Sale, Gift, Event, and Friends. For this example, let's use the default offer type Coupon and click Pick This Offer. See tips on which offer type to use here.

3. Offer Details, Part 1 - Create a Title for your Offer. The first and most important part of your offer is the title (or headline), because it's one of the first thing customers see. The title space is limited (in order to better fit into text messages), so try to think of a compelling and exciting title that conveys the gist of your offer in 40 characters or less. If you are stumped for a good title, just use the convenient Ideas drop-down menu for hundreds of popular title suggestions.

Note: As you design your offer, you will see a live preview in the Preview Pane on the right-hand side of the screen in from Steps 3 to 12.

4. Offer Details, Part 2 - Enter a Discount - Select a discount, in either a percentage or amount off. Note: The discount feature is unique to the Coupon offer type.

5. Offer Details, Part 3 - Type in the Offer Details - Think of the details as a more in-depth description of your offer title. They will only be displayed on the online web page version of your offer, and allow you to explain the finer points of your promotion.

6. Offer Details, Part 4 - Upload a Photo - Almost as important as your offer's title, using a good photo is key to enticing customers with your offer. Click the Upload button, and select the photo file from your computer. Just make sure the photo is under 3Mb, and in PNG, JPG, BMP, or GIF file format. For tips on taking great offer photos with your smartphone, look here.

If you do not have a photo for now, don't worry - just skip it.

7. Offer Details, Part 5 - Enter an Expiration Date and Fine Print - Including an expiration date is optional, but it is always a good idea to include one to create a sense of urgency with your customers and drive demand. Fine Print is also optional - we provide you with a default script, but you may edit it however you wish. When finished, click Done to finish the Details section.

8. Choose a Theme - You have two dozen awesome themes to choose from under "Popular" or "Seasons". Select a theme, then hit Done.

9. Branding Bar, Part 1 - Type in your Company Name - If you want to customize your the font, font size, or font color of your Company Name, first click the "Bling It!" button. Note: Groovv Offers will remember the following business and branding information for future offers, so you only have to enter it once.

10. Branding Bar, Part 2 - Upload your Company Logo. If you have your company's logo file on hand, you can upload it by clicking the Upload button. When finished, click the Done button. 

11. Select an Action Button - The Action Button is the Call-to-Action that you want your customers to take when they view your offer: 1) Customers show offer on their phone in-store, 2) Customers make a phone call, or 3) Customers visit a web page. Choose, and click Done.

Note: If you wish to track Redemptions, you must choose the first option (customers show offer on their phone in-store) and check the box that says Add Redemption Tracking. You can see a preview of how your offer looks on a smartphone by clicking the Mobile tab above the live preview. For more about redemptions, click here.

12. Enter your Business Information. Enter your Street Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number and website, if you have one. If you have a physical location, make sure you show your location on your offer by checking the box that says Select to Display Your Location, so that fans can find your business. When finished, click Save & Next at the bottom. You are almost done! 

Note on Web Site: Your actual web site URL will not display in the Preview Pane on the right, but will simply read "Company Website". Do not worry, your actual website URL will show once you publish your offer.

13. Publish, Part 1 - Select Networks to Publish your Offer to. If you already have Email Customers, Mobile Customers, or linked your Groovv Offers account to Facebook and Twitter, you can publish your offer to these networks by checking the box next to each channel. If you have not yet set them up, you may do so now. The blue box in the upper right corner displays total available fans from all your networks as well as currently selected fans for this offer.                                                      

14. Publish or Schedule your Offer. You have the option of publishing your offer immediately, or scheduling for a later date and time. We recommend that you send out about one relevant, valuable offer per week to your customers, and with the scheduling tool you can schedule an entire month's worth of promotions (about 4) in 15 minutes. Click the Publish or Schedule button.

Note: You may save your progress on an incomplete or unpublished offer at any time by clicking the Save as Draft button.

15. Congratulations, you just published your first offer! 

16. Offer Summary - You can view all your offers from the home screen under the Offers tab. Offers are categorized by being Live (published, not expired), Scheduled, Drafts, and Expired. Track your offer's performance in the offer summary by clicking on the offer's title. Depending on what Action Button you used and which Channels you published to, your offer summary will tell you how many times the offer has been grabbed to phone and redeemed, If you included an Average Ticket Value, you will also see your Net Revenue. If you published to Email, you can also view Opens, Clicks, Opt Outs, Bounced, etc.